Vision Defender

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We’ve been working hard on this for a while now, but it’s finally here! Intelligent Formula is very pleased to announce our Global Webstore – where you can get Vision Defender eye supplements at great prices, direct from us, worldwide! Other benefits include collecting VIP loyalty points and other good […]

Vision Defender has launched its Global Webstore!

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Intelligent Formula is very pleased to announce that the trusted Vision Defender range of eye health supplements are now available to buy at! Who are They’re a rapidly growing UK-based online marketplace, offering a direct alternative to the Amazon Marketplace.  Be sure to buy directly from Intelligent Formula […]

Vision Defender Supplements now available from!

national eye health week 2018
It’s National Eye Health Week again (24th-30th September)! We will be donating 15% of all eBay sales of Vision Defender MZ to the Macular Society during National Eye Health Week, so why not check it out on our eBay store now?  

National Eye Health Week 2018

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Here at Intelligent Formula, we like to give our customers choice.  Therefore, we have partnered with eBay, which means the trusted Vision Defender range of eye care supplements are now available at and!  Simply go to – be sure to buy from our official eBay store to […]

Vision Defender supplements now on eBay!

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  They’re here at last! Intelligent Formula is proud to announce the launch of TWO new additions to the trusted Vision Defender range… Vision Defender MZ and Vision Defender MAC! Vision Defender MZ is the recommended complement to both Vision Defender AMD and Vision Defender Omega.  Powered by Meso-Zeaxanthin, the […]

Vision Defender MZ & MAC has arrived!

Vision Defender AMD and Omega
THIS PROMOTION HAS ENDED – KEEP AN EYE ON US FOR MORE PROMOTIONS! To celebrate National Eye Health Week 2017, we are offering 50% OFF on Vision Defender Omega with a purchase of Vision Defender AMD (90 pack)! Limited supplies for National Eye Health Week 2017 (18th to 24th September […]

SPECIAL OFFER for National Eye Health Week 2017

AREDS 2 Vision Defender AMD in different languages
Whilst you probably know that Vision Defender AMD is proudly made in the UK, and available worldwide, did you know that we have instructions for Vision Defender in languages other than English? Specifically: Spanish German French Italian Chinese Want it? Simply contact our Support team! Looking for instructions in another […]

Looking for Vision Defender instructions in another language?

Intelligent Formula is pleased to announce Vision Defender AMD, in partnership with Amazon Europe, is now available to purchase anywhere within the European Union! All you need is an Amazon account in a European country.  Amazon will deliver to any country within the EU, not just your home country.  You […]

Vision Defender AMD now available Europe-wide!

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Here’s a question for you: What’s in an “AREDS2 supplement”? If you said “lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins C & E, zinc and copper” (not in any particular order!) then you would only be partially right.  Of course it’s important to identify the key ingredients recommended in AREDS2, but just as important […]

Is Your AREDS Supplement *REALLY* An AREDS Supplement?