Frequently Asked Questions


We have created a simple tool and handy comparison table to help you choose. They are for general guidance only. For specialised advice personalised to you, please speak to a suitably qualified healthcare professional.

Yes! Each Vision Defender supplement can be taken on its own. However, the beauty of Vision Defender is that the supplements work together to really enhance eye health benefits. You can pick and choose according to your circumstances! Please use our Product Selector to help you choose the right combination of Vision Defender products.

Here are some tips to help you get the best from Vision Defender:

Vision Defender Omega and BP can be taken with any other Vision Defender eye-health supplement.

To prevent overlap of ingredients, only take Vision Defender AMD or AMD PLUS or MAC – do not combine these.

Vision Defender MZ can be taken with Vision Defender AMD, but not AMD PLUS or MAC.

If you have difficulties swallowing, please try the following:

Chew some food (for example, a banana). Just before you swallow, pop the tablet or capsule into your mouth and swallow it together with the chewed food. Next, swallow some liquid (water would be fine). The tablet/capsule should go down more easily because the throat should open up wider to swallow the chewed food.

You can also try swallowing the tablet/capsule with thick liquids, such as smoothies or yoghurts.

For Vision Defender AMD PLUS, MAC, MZ and BP capsules, you can open the capsule and sprinkle on to food.

For tablets, you can:

*Cut the tablet in half or smaller pieces and take each piece with some liquid.

*Crush the tablet. You may mix the crushed tablet in some food before swallowing with some liquid.

If you have difficulties swallowing Vision Defender AMD tablets, we recommend switching to Vision Defender AMD PLUS capsules instead – please see the AMD PLUS page for further information.

If you prefer to cut Vision Defender AMD tablets and need help doing so, we offer a complimentary tablet cutter to our UK customers. Simply let us know via the “Support” link above and tell us where you bought your Vision Defender AMD and your order number. Limit of one cutter per household, subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

For best results, we recommend taking Vision Defender supplements with or straight after food (some people prefer taking with a little oil or milk). This is particularly the case for products containing macular carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin, meso-zeaxanthin) as these are fat-soluble nutrients and would be better absorbed into the body with food containing fat. This is standard advice for any fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin E.

Vision Defender AMD, AMD PLUS, MAC, MZ, and BP does NOT contain animal derivatives, and are therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  Also, they contains NO added salt, yeasts, flavourings, colourings, or preservatives.

Only Vision Defender Omega is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, as the high-strength, usable omega-3 comes from fish and is difficult to obtain from non-animal sources.

As with most eye supplements, the benefits are usually only apparent after taking them consistently long-term. Benefits and time for benefits to be apparent would vary with each individual. It’s worth noting that in the BBC programme “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”, the BBC presenter Michael Mosley’s eyesight improved after only 3 months of taking the formula in Vision Defender MAC. Although no supplement can guarantee results, please be assured that Vision Defender eyecare supplements are backed by extensive scientific research. For best results, we suggest you take Vision Defender consistently long-term, as directed on the container or by your healthcare professional.

Yes. The container is designed to be easy to carry around whilst protecting the container contents. The container is BPA-free and made from HDPE plastic which is easily recycled – according to the BBC, 92% of councils collect HDPE containers for recycling.


There is usually some variation in colour because of the natural variation of colour of the marigold plant ingredients. This is nothing to be concerned with.

Vision Defender eye supplements is proudly made in the UK according to the rigorous regulations of the UK. The United Kingdom has one of the strictest regulatory systems in the world.

We only use high-grade ingredients and manufacture strictly to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards in MHRA-inspected premises. Our American customers may also be interested to know that the manufacturing facilities are also registered with the US FDA.

Therefore you can be assured that Vision Defender is of the highest premium quality.

As a food supplement, side effects are unusual, but not impossible. Clinical data from scientific studies show the ingredients and doses in Vision Defender eyecare supplements are well tolerated. Please speak to your Pharmacist or other suitably qualified healthcare professional if you experience side-effects.

Although most medicines are fine to take with Vision Defender, we strongly suggest consulting with your GP or Pharmacist for personalised advice specific to your combination of medicines. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medicines, and any other nutritional supplements or remedies.

Vision Defender is based on clinical scientific research and safety data for adults. Therefore, we do not recommend children take Vision Defender, unless under the explicit instructions of an eye specialist.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers have specific nutritional needs and therefore should only take Vision Defender on the advice of a suitably qualified healthcare practitioner.

Got a question about Vision Defender? We’d love to hear from you and we respond to all feedback personally. Please contact us via our Support page.