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2 men with yellow wigs and sunglasses holding poster saying beat macular disease
MACULAR WEEK 2023 has finished – see you again next year!   We are proud to be supporting Macular Week again, which is being celebrated on 19th to 25th June this year. If you don’t already know what Macular Week is by now, check out the details on Macular Society’s […]

Macular Week 2023 – your code to save and help ...

bottle of AREDS2 Vision Defender AMD combined with MZ to give Vision Defender AMD PLUS
We’ve been hard at work and we’re excited to announce the launch of Vision Defender AMD PLUS! Here’s a quick FAQ about AMD PLUS:   What is Vision Defender AMD PLUS? Contains the same great formula found in Vision Defender AMD – enhanced with the addition of meso-zeaxanthin (found in […]

Vision Defender AMD PLUS – better than Vision Defender AMD…

MACULAR WEEK 2022 has finished – see you again next year! Tell me more about Macular Week… It’s an event organised by Macular Society to raise awareness of macular disease, such as macular degeneration. They aim to eventually beat macular disease by raising funds for research. This year Macular Week […]

It’s Macular Week 2022 – Find out how we’re supporting ...

landline telephone to order Vision Defender
Do you find it difficult to buy stuff on the internet because of impaired vision? Maybe you just don’t like to order online? Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from Vision Defender eye health supplements but just can’t order online for whatever reason? We’re excited to announce our new […]

You can now order by phone!

person holding eye nutrition book
Looking for a book on eye health and eye nutrition? Need it in LARGE PRINT? Our book “Help! What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes?” has recently been updated with new and expanded sections on bilberry, pine bark, and retinopathy! Available in both paperback and hardback, as well as […]

Eye Nutrition Book Now Available in LARGE PRINT and Hardcover!

bowl of bilberries and pack of Vision Defender BP
It’s finally here! After a lot of hard work and delays, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Vision Defender BP! Powered by Bilberries and enhanced with Pine Bark, Vision Defender BP is the enhanced bilberry supplement you’ve been waiting for! Vision Defender BP is backed by science to support […]

Vision Defender BP is here!

MACULAR WEEK 2021 has finished – see you again next year! Intelligent Formula is once again proud to support Macular Society’s Macular Week! Tell me more about Macular Week… Every year, the Macular Society organises Macular Week to help raise awareness of macular disease and to raise funds to beat […]

Macular Week is back! 21st-27th June 2021

glasses on table with tablets and stethoscope
Which nutrients have been shown to reduce the progress of macular degeneration? What study showed an improvement in vision in participants with no eye problems? In particular, what supplement did they take? Find out all this and more in this useful guide to help Healthcare Professionals make an informed decision […]

Which Eye Supplement for Eye Health & Disease?

macular society logo
MACULAR WEEK 2020 has finished – see you again next year! It’s Macular Week 2020 (22-28 June), and we’re proud to continue to support Macular Society and Macular Week! This year, we’re supporting Macular Week by donating 5% of sales of our great-value Vision Defender eye-health bundles from our webstore […]

It’s Macular Week 2020!

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We’ve been working hard on this for a while now, but it’s finally here! Intelligent Formula is very pleased to announce our Global Webstore – where you can get Vision Defender eye supplements at great prices, direct from us, worldwide! Other benefits include collecting VIP loyalty points and other good […]

Vision Defender has launched its Global Webstore!

Are you from the United States? Singapore? Well you can now buy Vision Defender eyecare supplements from and! Simply search for Vision Defender in Amazon. Alternatively, we have just launched our Global Webstore and we can deliver worldwide. Why not find out more?

Vision Defender eye supplements now available at Amazon US and ...

Eye nutrition book and ebook
Our co-founder Keith has written a book on eye nutrition called “Help! What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes? – The Easy Guide to Eye Nutrition”. Available in both ebook and paperback formats, it’s your essential guide to eye nutrition – find out more by clicking the button below:

‘Help! What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes?’ Book ...

Are you a healthcare professional looking to: Find out more about AREDS2? Educate yourself on the benefits of omega-3 in dry eye and macular degeneration? Know more about the macular carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin? Refresh your knowledge on macular degeneration and dry eye disease? Help to decide on suitable […]

Are you looking for the science behind Vision Defender?

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MACULAR WEEK 2019 HAS NOW ENDED – SEE YOU AT MACULAR WEEK 2020! It’s Macular Week again and we’re proud to support the Macular Society and help them beat macular disease! Who are the Macular Society? They’re a great UK charity supporting people with macular conditions.  Their vision is to […]

We’re continuing to support the Macular Society and Macular Week!

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Intelligent Formula is very pleased to announce that the trusted Vision Defender range of eye health supplements are now available to buy at! Who are They’re a rapidly growing UK-based online marketplace, offering a direct alternative to the Amazon Marketplace.  Be sure to buy directly from Intelligent Formula […]

Vision Defender Supplements now available from!

national eye health week 2018
It’s National Eye Health Week again (24th-30th September)! We will be donating 15% of all eBay sales of Vision Defender MZ to the Macular Society during National Eye Health Week, so why not check it out on our eBay store now?  

National Eye Health Week 2018

ebay logo
Here at Intelligent Formula, we like to give our customers choice.  Therefore, we have partnered with eBay, which means the trusted Vision Defender range of eye care supplements are now available at and!  Simply go to – be sure to buy from our official eBay store to […]

Vision Defender supplements now on eBay!

photo of Vision Defender MZ and MAC
  They’re here at last! Intelligent Formula is proud to announce the launch of TWO new additions to the trusted Vision Defender range… Vision Defender MZ and Vision Defender MAC! Vision Defender MZ is the recommended complement to both Vision Defender AMD and Vision Defender Omega.  Powered by Meso-Zeaxanthin, the […]

Vision Defender MZ & MAC has arrived!

Vision Defender AMD and Omega
THIS PROMOTION HAS ENDED – KEEP AN EYE ON US FOR MORE PROMOTIONS! To celebrate National Eye Health Week 2017, we are offering 50% OFF on Vision Defender Omega with a purchase of Vision Defender AMD (90 pack)! Limited supplies for National Eye Health Week 2017 (18th to 24th September […]

SPECIAL OFFER for National Eye Health Week 2017

Vision Defender Omega 3 eye supplement
Intelligent Formula is proud to present…Vision Defender Omega! The ideal complement to your Vision Defender AMD, and powered by the proven benefits of omega-3 fish oil, Vision Defender Omega is the high-purity, high strength supplement your eyes have been waiting for! Backed by our unique Intelligent Formula Quality Guarantee, you […]

Vision Defender Omega is here!

AREDS 2 Vision Defender AMD in different languages
Whilst you probably know that Vision Defender AMD is proudly made in the UK, and available worldwide, did you know that we have instructions for Vision Defender in languages other than English? Specifically: Spanish German French Italian Chinese Want it? Simply contact our Support team! Looking for instructions in another […]

Looking for Vision Defender instructions in another language?

Do you have AMD and take statins?
If you have age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and take statins for lowering cholesterol (common ones here in the UK include simvastatin, atorvastatin and pravastatin), then you might be interested in this study published in Scientific Reports (December 2015). Why was this study done? Studies have shown that AMD and cardiovascular […]

Do You Have AMD And Take Statins?

Protect your heart by protecting your eyes
We all know that we can protect our hearts by having low cholesterol and good blood pressure but did you know that those same things could also protect your eyes? Research have shown that cardiovascular disease (CVD) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) share many of the same risk factors. Indeed, […]

Protect Your Eyes By Protecting Your Heart!

Intelligent Formula is pleased to announce Vision Defender AMD, in partnership with Amazon Europe, is now available to purchase anywhere within the European Union! All you need is an Amazon account in a European country.  Amazon will deliver to any country within the EU, not just your home country.  You […]

Vision Defender AMD now available Europe-wide!

hand holding different tablets and capsules
Here’s a question for you: What’s in an “AREDS2 supplement”? If you said “lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins C & E, zinc and copper” (not in any particular order!) then you would only be partially right.  Of course it’s important to identify the key ingredients recommended in AREDS2, but just as important […]

Is Your AREDS Supplement *REALLY* An AREDS Supplement?